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16.01.2018 :: Feine Sahne Fischfilet: Sturm und Dreck (2018)
Titel: Feine Sahne Fischfilet: Sturm und Dreck (2018) Verlag: Audiolith Erscheinungsdatum: 12.01.2018 Seiten: feinesahnefischfilet.de Tracklist: 01. Zurück in unserer Stadt 02. Alles auf Rausch 03. Angst frisst Seele auf 04. Schlaflos in Marseille 05. Zuhause 06. Alles Anders 07. Dreck der Zeit 08. Ich mag kein Alkohol 09. Suruç 10. Wo niemals Ebbe ist 11. [...] [Goth Zine]

16.01.2018 :: Preview: Die ganz Wilde - Kim Wilde Live auf "Aliens" Tour (2018)
Ihre große Leidenschaft ist tatsächlich Gartenarbeit. Mensch ist an der frischen Luft, die Arbeit entspannt und mensch sieht was mensch geschaffen hat. Aber hin und wieder, dann und wann, muss mensch auch mal ihrer/seiner hauptberuflichen Leidenschaft nachgehen. Und in 2018 ist es endlich mal wieder so weit. Kim Wilde geht auf "Here Come The Aliens"-Tournee. [...] [Goth Zine]

16.01.2018 :: Preview: Letzte Instanz mit neuem Album "Morgenland" unterwegs (2018)
Reise ins morgenland Nur gut eineinhalb Jahre nach ihrem letzten Studioalbum "Liebe Im Krieg" entführen Letzte Instanz ihre Fans am 16.02.2018 ins "Morgenland" - so der Titel des neuen Longplayers. Lyrisch und tiefgänig - Das ist die Letzte Instanz Immer wieder für eine Überraschung gut und sich dabei stets treu bleiben - das ist der musikalische [...] [Goth Zine]

16.01.2018 :: Review: Alle mal Dansen - Bazzookas live (11.01.2018, Hannover)
JABBA, DABBA, DEI. Was wollen uns diese Worte sagen? Ist das eine Anmache bei den Frauen? Ein Ausdruck der Freude? Kann mensch das essen? Und welche Sprache ist das überhaupt? Und wenn ja, wieviel? Wenn mensch holländische Fans bei Sportveranstaltungen wie Fußball oder Eisschnelllauf sieht, will man sofort dabei sein. Dabei sein in dieser Traube [...] [Goth Zine]

16.01.2018 :: It's magic: Das zweite Album von Vâ–²LHâ–²LL kommt / Clip-Premiere "Dead Waves"
It's magic: Das zweite Album von Vâ–²LHâ–²LL kommt / Clip-Premiere It's magic: Das zweite Album von Vâ–²LHâ–²LL kommt / Clip-Premiere "Dead Waves" Dark Electro? Witch House? Darkwave? Neofolk? Goth-Pop? Von allem etwas haben Vâ–²LHâ–²LL auf ihrem zweiten Album "Grimoire" im Programm, welches am 09. Februar bei Artoffact erscheinen wird. Zu dem Duo aus Schweden gesellten sich heuer [Sonic Seducer]

16.01.2018 :: Sensationeller Nachschub von HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY
Sensationeller Nachschub von HARAKIRI FOR THE SKYMittlerweile kann man getrost behaupten, dass es die österreichische Metal-Formation HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY wahrhaftig geschafft hat und sich seinen Platz in der experimentellen ... [Orkus]

16.01.2018 :: Tommi Stumpff Gipfelstürmer
Nach dem überaus erfolgreichen Rerelease des Erstlingswerkes von Tommi Stumpff "Zu spät ihr Scheißer: hier kommt..." nimmt auch das zweite Album "Terror II" die HürdenRead more [DanseMacabre]

15.01.2018 :: Fix8:Sed8 - FOREN6 12,99 EUR
Fix8:Sed8 - FOREN6 12,99 EURWith Fïx8:Sëd8, maybe one of the electronic scene's best-kept secrets has found a new home with Dependent. Through two self-released albums, Martin Sane has slowly built up the status he has with insiders of the scene - in contrast to the modern industrial of 2nd Face whose debut we released earlier this year, Fïx8:Sëd8 are classic representatives of retro electro. Utilising movie samples, intricate sequences, and mid-tempo beats, they lean towards bands such as Mentallo & The Fixer or Interlace, attending to the connoisseurs of the electro scene.
Already the very first sounds of "My Mistress" make obvious where this musical journey is heading towards. Melodic, intricate synth sequences, complex drum patterns, wobbling bass lines just like in the "good old days" as well as appealing harmonic arrangements capture the listener's imagination right from the start.
Sane's preference for the pioneers of dark electronic sounds from Canada and Texas is quite obvious; Fïx8's unique sound, however, is guaranteed by the fact that the complex arrangements are never an end unto themselves, but merely a tool in the struggle against monotony. The bottom line is always a melodic and atmospheric song that consciously needs a concentrated listening and then strongly burns into your mind. The new album is mastered by fellow musician Thorn (2nd Face), which makes "Foren6" Martin Sane's best-produced record thus far. There's also been some progress in the vocal department of Fïx8:Sëd8; they do not only use distorted vocals, but also experiment in a manner reminiscent of the multi-vocal effects of Sweden's Interlace.
Forensics, legal medicine, the science of finding out causes of death, as an analogy of failed friendships and relationships and their 'posthumous' dissection and analysis - what made a relationship come undone? Who's guilty? The listeners find themselves right in the middle of the story, sometimes as an unconcerned witness, sometimes as victim, sometimes as perpetrator.
Voice samples from the movies of John Carpenter run like a thread through the whole album. Whether it's "Baptism of Fire" with its violent bass line and its driving mid-tempo beats, the clubby "Puritan" with its playful synth melodies, or the atmospheric "Hermaphrodite" - every song is vintage Fïx8:Sëd8. Despite its many facets, "Foren6" is the band's most homogenous album to date.

01. My Mistress
02. Baptism Of Fire
03. Flatline Friend
04. Permanent Memory Loss
05. Section Room
06. Lynch
07. X-Shaped Scratch Mark
08. High Velocity Spatter
09. Puritan
10. Ligamentum
11. Hermaphrodite
12. Eyesaw [Dependent]

15.01.2018 :: Lionhearts - Lionhearts + Companion 22,99 EUR
Lionhearts - Lionhearts + Companion 22,99 EURBoth Lionhearts releaes for a special price.

Up to now, the many impressive projects of psychologist Frank M. Spinath (Seabound, Edge Of Dawn, Ghost & Writer) have always been conceived in duo form: Spinath cared about the vocal duties, while his respective counterpart took control of the music. With LIONHEARTS, Spinath has realised his first real solo project as the music is created by him as well. In this endeavour, Ben Lukas Boysen (Hecq) supports him in the role of producer.
The songs have gathered just like driftwood over the course of the years, and in terms of content, they span a whole range of subjects without coming across as random. Spinath has chosen to arrange his compositions in a manner reminiscent of the impressionistic classical cycle "Pictures at an Exhibition" by Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky who orchestrated his pieces like pictorial motives with various subjects. Thus, LIONHEARTS comes across as a consistent album dedicated to different topics from the universe of Frank M. Spinath, arranged without breaks in a "Continuous Mix," partially preluded and led over by instrumental parts. The sonic palette of the album first changes between golden and bright before getting progressively colder and darker. The subject matter is varied: There's the love story between two people not meant for each other in "The Ardent City," and there's "Cloud," a song about the last fight of a dying boxer, sarcastically commented on by the singer from a shielded VIP lounge ("Have a headache on me") - here, even the music seems to hover almost impassively above the cruel violence. Central topics such as searching, destiny, and guilt are the cornerstones of Spinath's compositions, and just as it is the case with paintings, the atmospheric electronic music does not surrender all of its hidden meanings at the first glance. Take, for example, the track "Murder" which is inspired by the highly intelligent serial killer Edmund Kemper who only handed himself in after he murdered several hitchhiker girls as well as his own mother.
The album was excellently arranged by Ben Lukas Boysen whose production adds a special depth to the songs. This mixture of dark and ambiguous topics, the electronic lightness of the compositions, and the impressive arrangements of the tracks makes the album LIONHEARTS a profound and hypnotic trip, inviting you to discover the diversity of Spinath's sonic universe.

LIONHEARTS will be released on May 26th, 2017, as a double album in a "Continuous Mix" and as an identical album featuring the twelve tracks not fading into each other.

CD 1
1. Flashback
2. The Ardent City
3. Abandon
4. Gone
5. Cloud
6. Kite
7. Murder
8. Hint
9. Threat
10. To What I Don't Know
11. No Going Back
12. In The Sand

CD 2
Lionhearts (continuous mix of all album tracks)

Lionhearts is the artistically ambitious solo project of Seabound singer Frank Spinath whose first effort, the self-titled album "Lionhearts", was released in mid 2017. Sound-wise his debut was rather introverted and experimental. Now, Spinath follows up to the album with "Companion", a real companion in the true sense of the word
"Companion" consists largely of remixes made by friends Spinath chose and asked by himself. We know, what you suspect - that this might be a collection of second-rate material, but this is definitely not the case! "Companion" simply blew us away and is way stronger than the majority of superfluous remix EPs within this genre. It is more club-friendly, catchier than the album, yet still stylistically coherent und a logical successor to the debut from which the original songs come. The remixers are by no means unknown: Iris, Acretongue, Olaf Wollschläger, Forma Tadre, Mildreda, Architect and Ben Lukas Boysen (Hecq) himself, they all epitomise high-class electro and have already collaborated with Spinath in different situations. The reason for the high quality of the mixes on "Companion", feast for discerning electronic fans, is still an interesting one. It might be due to the fact that Spinath chose the participators on his own and put the tracklist together by himself.
It is also surprising that electronic reinterpretation suits these unassuming songs so well. Whether it's Olaf Wollschläger's straight, club-oriented approach in 'Gone', the sophisticated, warmly pulsating 'To What I Dont Know' by Hecq, the epic, percussive 'No Going Back' by Mildreda or the more intimate, laid-back interpretation of the same tune by Forma Tadre - All of Spinath's "Companions" have surpassed themselves. Listening to the tracks, you don't actually think it's a remix album, that's how well they fit together, not least in terms of sound and production.
The proverbial cherry on the cake is the new composition 'Stars'. "Companion" will be your soundtrack companion for all life situations.

1. Gone (Olaf Wollschläger Remix)
2. The Ardent City (Architect Remix)
3. To What I Don't Know (Hecq Remix)
4. No Going Back (Mildreda Remix)
5. Stars (Demo Version)
6. Gone (Acretongue Remix)
7. The Ardent City (Hecq Remix)
8. To What I Don't Know (IRIS Remix)
9. No Going Back (Forma Tadre Remix) [Dependent]

15.01.2018 :: PORN releases music video for new single featuring Shibari performance
Having released the band's third album, The Ogre Inside, in October of 2017, French gothic/industrial rock band PORN has unveiled the video for the single "She Holds My Will." Though the song is one of the more radio friendly tracks on the album, wrought with catchy melodic hooks and lyrics, the video takes a darker [...] [RE:GEN Mag]

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