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10.08.2018 :: MINISTRY live in der lautesten Sauna Leipzigs - 08.08.2018
MINISTRY live in der lautesten Sauna Leipzigs - 08.08.2018Uncle Al hat gerufen und über 600 Fans folgten ihm in die lauteste Sauna Leipzigs! Die Amerikanische Industrial-Metal Legende gastierte bei Rekordtemperaturen im Täubchenthal und machte dabei ihrem Ruf als ein der wohl lautesten Bands alle Ehre. Galerie mit Impressionen des Abends >>> [Hell-Zone]

10.08.2018 :: ERNEST: Französischer Steampunk de luxe
ERNEST: Französischer Steampunk de luxeTreten Sie näher, meine Damen und Herren! Ernest bieten in ihrer fantastischen Show auserlesene Leckerbissen. Ein musikalischer Gaumengenuss, vergleichbar mit einem mehrgängigen Menü, das ... [Orkus]

10.08.2018 :: Rhys Fulber InterView: Sustainability in All Forms
Rhys Fulber, one of the electronic and industrial scene's most revered figures, speaks with ReGen about his new solo material and his upcoming appearances at this year's ColdWaves. An InterView with Rhys Fulber By Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x) With more than three decades of experience, Rhys Fulber is one of today's more well respected and revolutionary musicians. Perhaps best [...] [RE:GEN Mag]

09.08.2018 :: MONO INC. "Welcome To Hell" (Dark/Electro Rock)
MONO INC. MONO INC. "Welcome To Hell" (Dark/Electro Rock) Wertung: Gut VÖ: 27.07.2018 Label: NoCut / SPV Webseite: Homepage Nach ihrem 2017er Release "Together [...] [AmbossMAG]

09.08.2018 :: Valerie Renay to release full-length solo album debut
Valerie Renay - also of indie/electro act Noblesse Oblige - will release her first solo album, Your Own Shadow, on September 7. Renay explains that the title refers to "the feeling you have when you don't recognise yourself anymore because you are made to feel small, insignificant, empty, and lost." The album was born during [...] [RE:GEN Mag]

09.08.2018 :: Live Review: Mr. Big - Bochum 2018
Live Review: Mr. Big - Bochum 2018Matrix, Bochum, Germany
6th August 2018
Mr Big & Fozzy

After some festival performances Mr Big also played 2 club shows in Germany. In Bochum and Aschaffenburg. I was sure beside songs of the last album, 'Defying Gravity', they will also play many of their hits again. I'm sure no one was disappointed at all and a fantastic show expected us once again. [Reflections of Darkness]

09.08.2018 :: GROUND NERO "Scales" (Goth/Wave Rock)
GROUND NERO GROUND NERO "Scales" (Goth/Wave Rock) Wertung: Gut+ VÖ: 12.03.2018 Label: Danse Macabre Webseite: Bandcamp / Facebook / Label Die belgische [...] [AmbossMAG]

09.08.2018 :: ABWÄRTS :: "Smart Bomb" Musikvideo & Single
ABWÄRTS :: ABWÄRTS veröffentlichen mit dem Musikvideo "Smart Bomb" den ersten Song aus dem neuen Abwärts Album "Smart Bomb", welches [...] [AmbossMAG]

09.08.2018 :: SALTATIO MORTIS :: Noch ein Song vor VÖ
SALTATIO MORTIS :: Noch ein Song vor VÖBevor das neue SALTATIO MORTIS Album "Brot und Spiele" am 17. August veröffentlicht wird, haben sie eine weitere [...] [AmbossMAG]

09.08.2018 :: New electro/synthpop collaboration between The New Division and Missing Words
Digital Shades, the collaborative project of The New Division's John Kunkel and Missing Words' James Meays has released its debut EP, Moonraker, preceded by the "Blue" single. The partnership grew from the pair's appreciation of '80s synthpop into more than two dozen songs over the course of a year. Kunkel says that while deciding which [...] [RE:GEN Mag]

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