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18.06.2021 :: Melancholic Synth Project Hermidgets Debuts Mysterious Video for "A Flaw"
Melancholic Synth Project Hermidgets Debuts Mysterious Video for Hermidgets announces his forthcoming album out this autumn, with a strange, melancholic, danceable video for "A Flaw".
"As soon as my debut is ready I quickly started writing new music, and it flowed in a spontaneous and natural way. In a short time, I wrote some new songs, melancholic as ever but characterized by uptempo and meager arrangements".
"A Flaw" is indicative of this new necessity. The rhythm is sustained by a bass drum, snare and a claustrophobic breathe, just a few lines of analog synth sustain the melodic line.
On the video, the project's mysterious leader explains:
"The video is an error, a wrong composition of a frantic dance for a disinterested spectator. Like in the others video the author appears in no distinctive way. I protect myself from overexposure, this is another way to be in my video without truly being there."
Watch the video for "A Flaw" below:

"A Flaw" is the first single from Hermidgets's forthcoming new record, the follow-up to 2020's album, The Mire. The song is mixed by Matteo Sand who works with Sananda Matreya and mastered by Kevin Paul who worked with Bowie, Depeche Mode, and Nick Cave.
Download/buy the track here.
Follow Hermidgets:

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18.06.2021 :: Oakland Dark Industrial-Synth Act VIO\ATOR Announces New LP
Oakland Dark Industrial-Synth Act VIO\ATOR Announces New LPThe first time I saw Oakland's VIO\ATOR, I had no idea what to expect - I had never heard the project before, but the act was in a lineup of other bands I admired, so my hopes were up. (This was before the pandemic, of course.) My optimism was justified: I was treated to a one-man project of very raw, old school industrial music at that performance - not the harsh or experimental type of "raw" old school industrial that consisted of banging on gas cans and sheet metal, but an almost drum-machine-and-vocals-only type of stark minimalism that was carefully wrapped in dark synth lines, all of it woven around frontman Tyler King's fragile vocals. The lyrics seemed to be about fragility, survival, and personal renewal, and the feeling from the performance was one of someone exorcising their personal demons against a strictly minimalist, skeletal, synth-industrial backdrop. VIO\ATOR was very captivating and enjoyable, and the performance haunted me long after it was over. I'm glad to announce the project has an upcoming album on Young and Cold Records.
As the pandemic begins to abate in the United States, VIO\ATOR have started to play out again, this time buttressed with the announcement of the aforementioned full-length recording coming out later in the Summer on Young and Cold Records. The act has released the track "Your Victim," below, as a teaser - and what a difference a year (or more) makes! VIO\ATOR is now a fully-fleshed dark synthy-industrial juggernaut.
Your Victim by Vio\ator
"Following my first tour that I had done," Tyler remarks, "I found myself having learned to play bass while filling in on the instrument for another band, so I now found myself knowing how to play a new instrument. I had an entire tour booked for March of last year and a couple of new songs ready to go, but then the pandemic hit and the entire thing had to be cancelled. I was heartbroken over this, and I listened back to the new songs, but they weren't up to my standards, so I decided to finally purchase a guitar and learn how to play it, and immediately I began writing on the guitar, which is something I never expected would happen with me. So almost every song on this new album was written and recorded almost entirely live, with very little software involved: guitar, bass, live synths, and on about half of the songs the percussion was programmed manually onto a drum machine. This is the album where I finally feel like I'm an actual musician. The music itself is post-punk at its core, but with elements of industrial dissonance and darkwave-inspired atmospheres."
That increased musicianship is on show on the new, self-titled album, and VIO\ATOR's evolution feels complete. The new album, which we were able to get a sneak preview of, still showcases Tyler's fragile/vulnerable vocal style - which at times remind of late 1970s or early 1980s Brian Eno and/or Gary Numan - and the layered guitar, bass, and other texturing give a robust sound to the finished product that builds upon the band's prior minimalist foundation. There are even some very spectral, ghostly guitar lines on Track 3, "Nothing Left But to Heal" (perhaps my favorite track on the new LP), that keep things spooky and should please all the goth-rockers in the crowd. But let's be clear: The LP as a whole is a very darkwave-y synth-and-drum-machine affair, echoing at times with a tragic, off-kilter resonance aided both by Tyler's interesting choice in eerie synth lines and unexpectedly creative drum machine patterns, both of which serve to hold the listener's attention. The presence of Numan, Eno, and "Low"-era Bowie are palpable on most of the album's eight entrancing tracks.

I asked Tyler about the origins of his project's name, and if conjuring up Depeche Mode was the idea behind it:
"Yes, it is definitely a Depeche Mode reference, to the point where someone who booked me for a show and didn't take the time to listen to me had me billed as a Depeche Mode tribute act. The name definitely was inspired by that, but I had moved to Los Angeles shortly before the project began, and I saw many signs around saying, 'Violators will be prosecuted,' and variations of that. It made me start thinking, 'What exactly does it mean to be a violator? A violator of what? Someone's space? What someone hears? A thought that worms it's way into someone's head and doesn't leave them alone, keeping them up at night?' I enjoyed the various interpretations of the word and how I could play with it, and the preconceptions that people have about that word. The idea to put the \ to replace the L was a stylistic choice by [my wife] Annie; it adds to the unease of the word."
Tomorrow (2020 Version) by Vio\ator
Who was in VIO\ATOR when it started, and who is in it now? What guest musicians etc. have you had join in?
Tyler: I've always been the sole actual member of the project. My wife Annie had early input in writing a couple of songs and acted almost as a producer, but that was the extent of outside input until this most recent album I've just finished. I asked Leah Lane of Rosegarden Funeral Party if she would be interested in singing on one of the songs, and that turned into a full collaboration, complete with both of us playing various instruments on the song, and then Ivan Delint from Warsaw Pact played guitar on one of the other songs on the album. I also have to mention that Michael Briggs, who mixed and mastered the album, acted essentially as a co-producer on this one, and he came up with some great effects and noise parts on some of the songs on it.
What bands or artists are the primary inspirations for VIOLATOR, and why?Tyler: Obviously Depeche Mode was an early influence, as was Gary Numan, although recently it's shifted to more contemporary artists like The Soft Moon or VOWWS, although I wouldn't say that those influences are ones that I wear on my sleeve.When will the new album come out, and where can folks buy it when it does come out?Tyler: The pre-order for the album should be going up in July. It is going to be released through Young & Cold Records, who are graciously also pressing it onto vinyl, which will be my first ever physical release outside of hand-made CDs and cassettes that I made for my first EP and my first album.
VIO\ATOR have a Bandcamp page here.
VIO\ATOR also have a Facebook page here.
The Young & Cold Records Bandcamp page is here.
I also encourage folks to check out Tyler's Youtube channel, where he often reviews new releases and posts other insightful commentaries on music. That Youtube channel is here.

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18.06.2021 :: AT THE GATES :: Dritte Single vom kommenden Album
AT THE GATES :: Dritte Single vom kommenden AlbumDie schwedischen Melodic-Death-Metal-Pioniere AT THE GATES haben die dritte Single mit Video aus ihrem kommenden Album "The Nightmare Of Being" vorgestellt, das am 2. Juli 2021 über Century Media Records erscheinen wird. facebook.com AT THE GATES vocalist Tomas Lindberg Redant [...] [AmbossMAG]

18.06.2021 :: BLUTENGEL :: Neue Single "Wir sind das Licht"
BLUTENGEL :: Neue Single Am 16. Juli erscheint das neue BLUTENGEL Album "Erlösung - The Victory of Light" und nun hat die Band um Sänger und Songwriter Chris Pohl und Ulrike Goldmann ihre neue Single "Wir sind das Licht" veröffentlicht. blutengel.de / facebook.com "Ich [...] [AmbossMAG]

18.06.2021 :: OBSCURITY :: Neues Album mit Teaser angekündigt
OBSCURITY :: Neues Album mit Teaser angekündigtAm 27. August veröffentlichen die Deutschen Viking/Pagan Metaller OBSCURITY ihr neuntes Album. "Skogarmaors" erscheint via Trollzorn als CD, LP, Boxset und digital. Ein Teaser wurde ebenfalls veröffentlicht. facebook.com Info: Seit dem letzten Album "Streitmacht" (2017) hat sich das Line-Up bei [...] [AmbossMAG]

18.06.2021 :: Release playlist: Chvrches feat. Robert Smith, Noise Unit, Priest, Hante +9
Release playlist: Chvrches feat. Robert Smith, Noise Unit, Priest, Hante +9We have updated our Spotify playlist with new tracks from Chvrches feat. Robert Smith (The Cure), Noise Unit feat. Raymond Watts (KMFDM, Pig), Priest, Kælan Mikla, Hante, Aesthetic Perfection, Man without Country, Digital Energy, Miss FD, The Brides of the Black Room, Kebu, Ionnalee and Mildreda. [Release Music Magazine]

18.06.2021 :: Vancouver's Carbon Mass Unveil Sombre Indie Groove "French Call Girl"
Vancouver's Carbon Mass Unveil Sombre Indie Groove Vancouver's innovative, enthralling musical duo Carbon Mass formed in 2016 after a chance online meeting between electronic music composer Sina Lankarani and vocalist/guitarist Tim Claridge. Since then, the two have been perpetually evolving on material that is familiar, and instantly addictive.
The entrancing beats created by Sina Lankarani are supplementary to the full-bodied, fascinating soundscapes he creates using a vibrant palette of synthesizers, drum machines, and samplers. Tim's voice, surrounded by this collage of sound and experimental paths, conjures a sombre, yet soothing musical tapestry reminiscent of mid-career Radiohead and Blackstar-era Bowie, but with huge hooks and driving beats. French Call Girl's groovy backbeat and strangely melancholic minor chords driving the track brings to mind Australia's Midnight Juggernauts.
A terrific offering from Carbon Mass.
Listen to French Call Girl below:

Or your preferred streaming service here.

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18.06.2021 :: Bez Yorke Debuts Live Performance of Dark and Dreamy Electropop Track "Empty S...
Bez Yorke Debuts Live Performance of Dark and Dreamy Electropop Track Bez Yorke, the solo project of Eleonora Iacovacci (Paxarmata), unveils a hypnotic new electropop track, Empty Space.
Iacovacci's uniquely deep voice meanders through a slow groove and strong hooks, recalling Depeche Mode, The Cure, and Garbage. In the accompanying live performance video, she commands the stage with a strong presence and gravitas in her delivery.
"Empty Space" is a soft and sharp song at the same time, with dark and dreamy atmospheres, where we can lose a part of ourselves but at the same time find a new one," she says.
Bez Yorke has, to date, published five albums: To Disappear Like Sunsets (2014), Pleonasm (2016), The Black Air (2017) and Twerp Blast (2019). In 2020 she published MyenemE for Lost Generation Records.
Watch her perform live at Klang:

Follow Bez Yorke:


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18.06.2021 :: Erasure: Matt Pop-Remix von "New Horizons" veröffentlicht
Erasure: Matt Pop-Remix von Erasure: Matt Pop-Remix von "New Horizons" veröffentlicht Erasure haben die zweite Single von ihrem Remix-Album "The Neon Remixed" veröffentlicht. Es handelt sich dabei um einen Matt Pop-Remix vom Titel "New Horizons". [Sonic Seducer]

18.06.2021 :: SALTATIO MORTIS :: Neue Single + Musikvideo
SALTATIO MORTIS :: Neue Single + MusikvideoSALTATIO MORTIS melden sich mit ihrer neue Singlen "My Mother Told Me" zurück, mit der sie auf die historischen und folkigen Wurzeln der Band verweisen. Schon lange schlägt das Herz der Band auch für die nordische Sagenwelt und nicht zuletzt [...] [AmbossMAG]

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