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28.01.2022 :: Laibach posthumously collaborates with playwright Heiner Müller on new album a...
Two years after the Slovenian art and music collective celebrated its 40th anniversary, Laibach is returning with the announcement of a new album titled Wir sind das Volk (Ein Musical aus Deutschland). Based on the writings of German playwright Heiner Müller (1929-1995), the album collates music from Laibach's theatrical production of the same name, [...]
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27.01.2022 :: SCHRAT :: Neues Album "Seelenfresser" im Fullstream
SCHRAT :: Neues Album Die Black Metaller SCHRAT haben kurz vor der Veröffentlichung ihres neuen Albums dieses im Fullstream zum Anhören online gestellt. "Seelenfresser" erscheint am 28.01.2022 via Folter Records. Albumkonzept: In "Seelenfresser" wird der "Schrat" zu einer blasphemischen dreiköpfigen Kreatur (Unheilige Dreifaltigkeit), die [...] [AmbossMAG]

27.01.2022 :: SHAPE OF DESPAIR :: 3. Track vom kommenden Album
SHAPE OF DESPAIR :: 3. Track vom kommenden AlbumDie finnische Funeral-Doom-Band SHAPE OF DESPAIR veröffentlicht jetzt den dritten Track ihres kommenden Albums 'Return to the Void'. Das neue Album wird am 25. Februar 2022 über Season of Mist veröffentlicht, mit "Forfeit" ist nun eine weiterer Vorschau online gestellt [...] [AmbossMAG]

27.01.2022 :: Elvean: Neues Video zu "Be Like You"
Elvean: Neues Video zu Nach ihrer Debütsingle Don't Try veröffentlicht die Wiener Indie-Pop Band Elvean nun ihren neuen Song ';Be Like You'; zusammen mit einem Musikvideo unter der Regie von Clemens... [MedienKonverter]

27.01.2022 :: Portland Deathrock Outfit ESSES Swirl in Crystalline Dreamscape with their Vid...
Portland Deathrock Outfit ESSES Swirl in Crystalline Dreamscape with their Vid...Portland-based deathrock outfit ESSES debut their stunning new video for "Faceless Past", the seventh video that is part of the visual album Bloodletting For The Lonely. Directed and shot by famed photographer, Kristin Cofer, the song and video both offer a tantalizing glimpse into isolation and memory.
Cofer created the visual effects of the video through a clever, innovative process done entirely remotely: using, of all things, Zoom.
"I project the subject onto a screen and then use crystals, gels, and other objects to create the effects," she explains. "I also use an external monitor with a clear tank that I put on top and fill with water. Using flowers and food coloring, I look down and make images with that. With Kel, I also used mylar to create surreal effects."
The effect Cofer creates is mesmerizing: a psychedelic phantasmagoria marrying 21st-century communication technology with the look of Super-8, lava lamps, oil suspension, and stop motion. It's the perfect visualization of the evolution of art and telecommunication, and exciting new possibilities. The resulting dreamscapes illustrate the song perfectly.
Watch the video for 'Faceless Past" below:

ESSES, comprised of vocalist/lyricist Miss Kel, guitarist Dawn Hills, guitarist Skot B (who edited the video), bassist Scout Leight, and drummer Kevin Brown, captures an intimate, yet intense atmosphere in their sound. Featuring current and former members of Altar de Fey, Black Ice, The Phantom Limbs, Red Voice Choir, and The Holy Kiss, ESSES embraces the surreal and sublime. Formed in 2014, ESSES became one of the pillars of the thriving Oakland and San Francisco underground, encompassing elements of deathrock and dark punk shrouded under a veil of forbidding doom.
Order the vinyl copy of Bloodletting For The Lonely here (US), or here (EU), and the CD version here.
Bloodletting for the Lonely by ESSES
ESSES is currently writing new material and preparing a return to the live stage for what will be their first show in two years. Stay tuned for more to come.
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Photo Credit Kevin Brown, BandsEyeScene Photography

Photo credit: Kevin Brown, BandsEyeScene Photography
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27.01.2022 :: V**gra Boys kündigen US-Tour und "Welfare Jazz"-Deluxe Album an!
V**gra Boys kündigen US-Tour und Die Stockholmer Post-Punk-Band V**gra Boys hat eine US-Tournee angekündigt, ihre erste mit ihrem aktuellen Album "Welfare Jazz". Die 15-tägige Tour beginnt am 1. April in Boston und... [MedienKonverter]

27.01.2022 :: GHOST: Teufel oder kleiner Sonnenschein?
GHOST: Teufel oder kleiner Sonnenschein?Erster Vorbote für das neue Album ist der schlichte, aber umso wirkungsvolle Song "Call Me Little Sunshine". [Orkus]

27.01.2022 :: NANNA BARSLEV: Starker nordischer Folk mit geballten Emotionen
NANNA BARSLEV: Starker nordischer Folk mit geballten EmotionenIn ihrem am 18.03.2022 erwarteten ersten Soloalbum "Lysbærer" lädt Nanna Barslev in eine verborgene Welt zwischen Dunkel und Licht ein [Orkus]

27.01.2022 :: Laibach announce new album 'Wir sind das Volk (ein Musical aus Deutschland) - ...
Laibach announce new album 'Wir sind das Volk (ein Musical aus Deutschland) - ...(Photo by Valter Leban) Out on March 25 on Mute is an all new Laibach album, "Wir sind das Volk (Ein Musical aus Deutschland)". The record will be available on digital platforms as well as a deluxe CD format with extensive sleeve notes. A double vinyl edition will follow on June 10.
The album collates music from the acclaimed theatrical production "Wir sind das Volk" ("We are the People"), which premiered at Hebbel am Ufer (HAU) theater in Berlin on February 8, 2020. Two more shows were performed before the production was halted due to the pandemic. In 2021 Laibach opened the Klagenfurt Festival with a Slovenian version of the same production and performed two more sold out shows at Ljubljana's Kino Šiška.
Performances will resume in March 2022 at Berlin's HAU with more confirmed for Zagreb, Ljubljana, Hamburg, Maribor and in the Cultural Capital of Europe, Novi Sad. Full details will be announced soon.
Here's already the video for "Ich will ein Deutscher sein".
About the "Wir sind das Volk" theatrical production "Wir sind das Volk" is based upon the writings of Heiner Müller (1929-1995). Laibach's own association with the theater began in 1984 when they composed music for Heiner Müller's "Quartet", a play that was presented at the Slovenian National Theatre in Ljubljana. The following year they met Müller in Berlin who suggested that they collaborate. Müller went on to use Laibach's music in a production, but the collaboration never happened until the head of the International Heiner Müller Society, Anja Quickert, proposed a posthumous project based on Müller's texts.
Laibach explain: "We followed Heiner Müller's own strategy of cutting and rearranging the material, taking his text and putting it into another context, rebooting it with music, in order to drag the audience into it or alienate them from it. Music unlocks the emotions and is therefore a great manipulative tool and a powerful propagandistic weapon. And that's why a combination of Heiner Müller, who saw theatre as a political institution, and Laibach, can be nothing else but a musical."
Quickert goes on to say this: "This project finally brings together what should have happened a long time ago: Laibach and the German playwright and poet Heiner Müller together. The myth of the nation cannot be buried as long as ghosts undermine its foundation. 'Dialogue with the dead must not be interrupted until it is revealed which part of the future was buried with them.' Welcome to the abyss of the nation!"
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27.01.2022 :: Strange as Angels are 60s Spy Duo The Avengers in the Video for Their Cover of...
Strange as Angels are 60s Spy Duo The Avengers in the Video for Their Cover of...Nouvelle Vague's Marc Collin and chanteuse Chrystabell, collaborating as Strange As Angels, have collaborated on a video for another classic by The Cure - this time, it's the beloved "Lullaby", from 1989's Disintegration.
In this reimagining of the song, Chrystabell delivers the song as a seductive whisper, which in this version could be interpreted as the general intrigue or paranoia of the femme existence, pure lust...or revenge. The spider-woman is hungry and ready to devour her prey.
The accompanying video, directed by François Nemeta and produced by SUPERETTE, sees Marc Collin step into the role of umbrella-clutching spy John Steed, while statuesque Chrystabell embodies the spirit (and leather catsuit) of Emma Peel from the 1960s cult British classic, The Avengers.
Shadow play and Hitchcockian credits swoop over the scenes, creating a title sequence for the James Bond/Robert Smith crossover of our fever dreams. It's sinister and playfully sexy (see: champagne bottle), but also serves as a solid PSA warning us to keep an eye on your drink - you never know what might slip into it. Is the video itself the protagonist's hallucination from a being drugged by a supervillain?
Reinterpreting The Cure is a daunting task, but Marc Collin's an expert at it, having reimagined everything from Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" to Tuxedo Moon's "In A Manner of Speaking", as charming 60s-style yé-yé chansons with Nouvelle Vague. Teaming up with Chrystabell was a stroke of genius for both artists.
"I know for many these are considered sacred materials," Chrystabell says about reinterpreting The Cure. "This wade into holy waters was not taken lightly, as these songs still elicit powerful and significant life-moment associations for so many."
Chrystabell is a familiar face for fans of David Lynch: she made a memorable mark in her role as Agent Tammy Preston in Twin Peaks: The Return. She has worked with Lynch for the past two decades, collaborating on various music projects. She recently released her stunning album Midnight Star, out now.
Watch the video for Strange as Angel's captivating version of "Lullaby" below:

A deluxe edition of Strange as Angels is set for release on February 25th, 2022, with 3 bonus tracks including the single "Close to Me".
You can stream the Strange As Angels' version of "Lullaby" at your choice of services here, out now via Collins' own Kwaidan Records.
Order Strange As Angels on vinyl here.
Strange As Angels are also scheduled to perform in London with Nouvelle Vague on February 28th at Union Chapel.
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Follow Marc Collin:

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