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24.09.2022 :: WINTER :: Neues Album "Fire Rider" angekündigt
WINTER :: Neues Album Nach dem letzten offiziellen Album "Pale Horse" aus dem Herbst 2021 sowie dem Re-Release bzw. 'Best of'-Album "Looking Back", welches im Frühjahr / Sommer dieses Jahres erschienen ist, veröffentlicht das Projekt WINTER mit "Fire Rider" im Oktober den nächsten Longplayer [...] [AmbossMAG]

24.09.2022 :: GOTHMINISTER :: "Demons" heißt das neueste Musikvideo
GOTHMINISTER :: Am 21. Oktober 2022 erscheint über AFM Records nun das brandneue Album der Norwegischen GOTHMINISTER. Erst kürzlich stellte die Band daraus erste Singles vor, nun erschien ein drittes Video, zum neuen Song "Demons". "Unsere brandneue Single "Demons" ist eine Mischung [...] [AmbossMAG]

24.09.2022 :: Erk Aicrag - Until My Throat Bleeds / Words Like Razors
Erk Aicrag - Until My Throat Bleeds / Words Like RazorsErk Aicrag is releasing his first ever book!
"Until My Throat Bleeds / Words Like Razors includes a selection of poems, short stories, thoughts and unpublished lyrics that have lived inside me for several years. The book is beautifully illustrated from beginning to end (each poem is accompanied by a different piece of visual art) and printed in full color, plus the reading experience is enhanced by an EXCLUSIVE soundtrack titled "Sounds Like Razors / Sonidos Como Navajas", created exclusively to accompany you as you move through the pages." Erk Aicrag.
Release Date: November 24, 2022 (Complete your order before Oct 15, 2022 and get your copy signed + your name printed in the book's acknowledgement section!)

Publisher: Fibra! Fibra!
ISBN: 978-3-910481-00-8
Language: English
Hard Cover : 94 pages
Dimensions: A5 (210 x 148 mm)
Concept and Words: Erk Aicrag
Editorial Design: Polina Tsanova
Photography: DUV Photography
Binding: Thread Sewn (The book can be opened flat to improve the reading experience and it will last for many years!)
Paper: Matte Coated Paper 150 gr.

- Sounds As Razors - The EXCLUSIVE soundtrack to this book will be available on release day on all streaming platforms and as a download on this page (sold separately).
UNTIL MY THROAT BLEEDS / WORDS AS RAZORS (HARD COVER BOOK - ENGLISH -or SPANISH EDITION...) 24,90 EUR English Version Excl. Shipping Release date: Nov 24, 2022 (ORDER NOW and get your copy signed + your name printed in the book's acknowledgement section) (PRE-ORDER BONUS)
Do you want your copy signed? What is your name? (to be printed in the acknowledgements section of the book)
Enter your text Bookmarks
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24.09.2022 :: R.I.P. Robert Marlow, singer/musician is no more
R.I.P. Robert Marlow, singer/musician is no more(Photo by Reset Records) The English musician and singer Robert Marlow (real name Robert Allen) is no more. Marlow passed away on Thursday 22nd September after a short and unexpected illness. The news was communicated by a close friend of Marlow on Facebook. He would have turned 61 on October 21st.
Robert Marlow was an English synth-pop singer, songwriter and musician and grew up in Basildon together with future Depeche Mode members Vince Clarke, Martin Gore and the late Andy Fletcher. But there's more, he was also tied to Alison Moyet, with whom he played in a band, the Vandals. He ended up playing in a band, with Vince Clarke, called the Plan, and later French Look, with Martin Gore and Paul Redmond.
In 1983 Marlow formed The Peter Pan Effect. The project initially was born when Marlow was in a band called Film Noir, with future keyboardist and guitarist for the Cure, Perry Bamonte. After Clarke left Depeche Mode, Marlow approached Clarke and secured some studio time at Blackwing Studios with him and Eric Radcliffe. He was offered only one day, and decided to record "The Face of Dorian Gray". This led to extra studio time. The single was released on Reset Records, a label founded in 1983 by Vince Clarke and Eric Radcliffe. The B-side was the track "The Tale of Dorian Gray".
After that, he released three more singles: "I Just Want to Dance", "Claudette" and "Calling All Destroyers". Due to little airplay and low sales the album was shelved until 1999 when the Swedish label Energy Rekords released it.
In early 2002 Robert Marlow founded Marlow, which was a duo with Gary Durant. The duo released the single "My Teenage Dream" in 2002. An album followed in 2009, "Inside Outside", also on Energy Rekords. The title track was arranged and produced by Vince Clarke, who had also remixed a track on the album called "Home". The follow-up album "The Future" was never released and the duo split up in 2012. However in 2013 he would release a reworked version of "The Future" as "The Future Remixes".
After the split of Marlow, Robert Marlow once again performed as a solo artist and released a new 7 track EP, "The Blackwing Sessions", on the German label Electro Shock Records. The release held tracks with other vocals and instrumentals from the 1982-1984 recordings in the Blackwing Studios.
Cleopatra Records would later on release standard US releases of "The Peter Pan Effect" and Family Fantastic's "Nice!" in a limited edition box double pack with additional info about Vince Clarke's involvements in the two projects on the back. Family Fantastic was a project formed in 2000 by Clarke and Phil Creswick (ex-Big Fun), featuring various high-profile singers from the UK.
(Robert Marlow's Facebook profile picture posted in 2017) I have had the pleasure to interview Robert Marlow a couple of times, and although he never became a big superstar, he was ok with what he had achieved despite having to wait decades to see his dreams come partially true. A sweet person, maybe too kind for this world.
Our most since condolences to Robert's friends and family.
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24.09.2022 :: NCN (NOCTURNAL CULTURE NIGHT) 2022 - Sonntag (04.09.2022)
NCN (NOCTURNAL CULTURE NIGHT) 2022 - Sonntag (04.09.2022)Auf in den Endspurt! So in der Art der Gedanke am Sonntagmorgen nach dem Aufstehen. Nach einem intensiven zweiten Festivaltag ging es weiter mit...
Der Beitrag NCN (NOCTURNAL CULTURE NIGHT) 2022 - Sonntag (04.09.2022) erschien zuerst auf monkeypress.de [MonkeyPress]

24.09.2022 :: Avant-garde Dark Rock Group Luna Honey Debut Catastrophic video for "The World...
Avant-garde Dark Rock Group Luna Honey Debut Catastrophic video for Melding murky bass grooves, unhinged distortion, and haunting vocals, Luna Honey builds a variety of soundscapes, ranging from the darkly hypnotic to the feverishly unmoored. The latest offering from the DC band, "The World Is Ending," traipses down a more darkly psychedelic path, while still maintaining a pop sensibility.
This is a genre-defying track, deftly illustrated with various early silent film clips interspersed with footage of natural disasters. Vocalist Maura Pond's astounding performance evokes Grace Slick, with the power of Steeleye Span's Maddy Prior, and the hypnotic drone of spiritual mantras.
"If you're unfamiliar with dark-sounding music, you think it sounds really depressing and dark," says Benjamin Schurr, "but if you're familiar with it, it sounds very holy and very spiritual."
Philadelphia's Strange Mono collaborated with D.S.I. Archives for this offering Luna Honey's Parables.
Watch the video below:

Luna Honey consists of Maura Pond, Benjamin Schurr, and Levi Flack, often inviting different guests into the studio for each album. The trio has total freedom in the studio, often trading instruments and experimenting with unconventional instruments such as pitch-shifted harmonica, Marxophone, prepared piano, scrapyard finds, and vintage drum machines.
The band has played with artists such as Exploded View, Norman Westberg (Swans), Molly Nilsson, Eric Hubel (Glenn Branca Band), Abdu Ali, Martin Bisi, Buck Gooter, Pageant Girls, and Hackedepicciotto (Einstuerzende Neubauten).
Proceeds from the limited edition of the cassette release of this album are being donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center in an effort to support their battle against racial and social injustice.
Pre-order the album here. Follow Luna Honey: Instagram

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23.09.2022 :: CRONE :: Dark Rock Band mit Fullstream zum Release
CRONE :: Dark Rock Band mit Fullstream zum ReleaseHeute hat CRONE, die deutsche Dark Rock Band um SECRETS OF THE MOON Sänger Phil Jonas , das neue Album "Gotta Light?" in voller Länge enthüllt. Das düster-rockende Album ist ab diesem Freitag (23. September 2022) in den Läden rund [...] [AmbossMAG]

23.09.2022 :: MIST OF MISERY :: Neue Single der Symphonic Black Metaller
MIST OF MISERY :: Neue Single der Symphonic Black MetallerVor kurzem gaben die schwedischen Symphonic Black Metaller MIST OF MISERY ihr Signing beim Label Non Serviam Records, bekannt. Nun stellt die in Stockholm ansässige Band "Into The Embrace Of Winter" vor, die erste Single aus ihrem kommenden Album "Severance", [...] [AmbossMAG]

23.09.2022 :: FIRTAN :: Neue Single vom kommende Album deutschen der Black Metaller
FIRTAN :: Neue Single vom kommende Album deutschen der Black MetallerAOP Records gibt den 14. Oktober als neuen Veröffentlichungsdatum für FIRTANs drittes Album "Marter" auf CD und Vinyl-LP bekannt. Mit "Faðir" haben die süddeutschen Black Metaller die dritte neue Single veröffentlicht. facebook.com [AmbossMAG]

23.09.2022 :: KNORKATOR :: Neuer Track "Tut uns leid"
KNORKATOR :: Neuer Track KNORKATOR präsentiert das offizielle Video zu "Tut uns leid", der neuen Single aus dem kommenden 10. Album "Sieg Der Vernunft" (VÖ 07.10. - Tubareckorz / Rough Trade). Sowohl die Single als auch das komplette Album können bei diesen Anbietern vorbestellt [...] [AmbossMAG]

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