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25.06.2022 :: ECHo WEST - Reincarnation of Doubts
ECHo WEST - Reincarnation of DoubtsWieder im schicken dunkel düsteren Papp Klappcover erscheint bei DARK VINYL nach 5 Jahren die neue CD von ECHO WEST und Dortmunder Projektleiter Dirk Torben Klein. Schon die bisherigen Platten wie die Trilogie "Pagan City-Gods/Ghosts/Goth sowie die CD "In Pop we Trust" konnten die Elektro-Heads begeistern und das wird sich mit der neuen Platte sicherlich fortsetzen. Diesen Beitrag weiterlesen » [BlackMag]

25.06.2022 :: F.ORMAL L.OGIC D.ECAY - Oxyd
F.ORMAL L.OGIC D.ECAY - OxydDa erreicht mich wieder mal etwas ganz besonderes vom DARK VINYL Label und zwar der neueste Streich von Luigi Maria Mennela alias F.L.D. aus Italien. Luigi der optisch laut den Bildern etwas wie ein Geistlicher oder auch als "VANGELIS in Jung" rüberkommt ist ein musikalisch äußerst kreatives Phänomen, der schon seit den späten 80er Jahren in Sachen Instrumental Musik und auch als Sänger unterwegs ist. Diesen Beitrag weiterlesen » [BlackMag]

25.06.2022 :: Christian Death - Evil Becomes Rule (Album - Season Of Mist)
Christian Death - Evil Becomes Rule (Album - Season Of Mist)Genre/Influences: Death-Rock, Goth-Rock.
Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl.
Background/Info: Valor Kand (vocals, guitars, violin, cello, piano, keyboards, percussion), Maitri Nicolai (vocals, bass guitar) and Pao (drums) composed and recorded the seventieth studio album of Christian Death.
Content: Despite the numerous line-up changes Christian Death has always held on to this typical and powerful Death-Rock style. The guitar parts create this furious and heavy impression while electronic arrangements achieve the work with a heavenly touch. Male- and female vocals are in perfect harmony although Maitri's vocals have something bewitching.
+ + + : Christian Death has this atypical sound you directly recognize among others. The perfect fusion between Dark-Rock and Gothic music creating a heavy and sometimes merciless sound. The guitar playing dominates and even excels when carried by electro arrangements like on "Blood Moon" which is my personal favorite one. I also must mention "Abraxas We Are" which is another exposure of the band's maturity and potential.
- - - : After all these years of commitment and an impressive discography Christian Death no longer takes me by surprise. The sound formula is a familiar one resulting in a predictable composition. The fans will not complain.
Conclusion: Christian Death remains a unique experience in sound which still inspires other artists. The new album will not enter into history as their most successful one, but fans will not be disappointed.
Best songs: "Blood Moon", "Abraxas We Are", "Elegant sleeping", "Beautiful".
Rate: 7½.
Artist: officialchristiandeath.com / facebook.com
Label: season-of-mist.com / facebook.com
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25.06.2022 :: Strangerscape - Strangerscape Splits The Atom (Album - Strangerscape)
Strangerscape - Strangerscape Splits The Atom (Album - Strangerscape)Genre/Influences: Electro-Wave.
Format: Digital.
Background/Info: This is the debut album by American solo-project Strangerscape. Fans of the side-Line compilation-series "Face The Beat" might know this project from the seventh volume.
Content: The work takes off with the familiar "All Mad Here" which was featured on "Face The Beat". It's the hardest cut of the work carried by a distorted-guitar like lead. The rest of the work sounds more rudimentary; the songs are driven by raw sound treatments and an unpolished production.
+ + + : Strangerscape clearly tries to deal with a very unique sound. It's definitely minimal and rudimentary but I noticed a few songs with more potential like the opening cut "All Mad Here" and the more elaborated "Witch Hunt".
- - - : The work is too rudimentary for my taste. The production is missing maturity and a bit more elaboration in the writing which is quite similar for the vocals.
Conclusion: This project still has to improve most aspects of the production.
Best songs: "All Mad Here", "Witch Hunt".
Rate: 6.
Artist: strangerscape.bandcamp.com
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25.06.2022 :: HURRICANE 2022 TAG 1 & WARM-UP - Eichenring, Scheeßel (17.06.2022)
HURRICANE 2022 TAG 1 & WARM-UP - Eichenring, Scheeßel (17.06.2022)Wenn das Wetter im Frühsommer von warm auf Regen umspringt, dann heißt das in der Regel, dass das Hurricane in Scheeßel vor der Tür...
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25.06.2022 :: Listen to Brooklyn Dark Post-Punk Collective London Plane's "Bright Black"
Listen to Brooklyn Dark Post-Punk Collective London Plane's Gothic post-punk collective London Plane, named for the ubiquitous, resilient trees planted in the streets of NYC, has released their sophomore album Bright Black via Declared Goods.
Bright Black is electrifying, possessed, pulsing, and relentless - a reflection of our collective and of personal tragedy. During the production of the album, band members endured personal tragedy, and bore witness to social and political upheaval. Capturing the spirit of the zeitgeist, these songs are willful, barbed, sardonic, and hopeful, at once nodding to the spaghetti western and British post-punk goth anthems.
"Are my songs fearless? Did we take risks? Yeah, for the most part, I think we did," says songwriter David Mosey. "At least, I didn't hold back lyrically...Bright Black is spirited, barbed, and lush, and if it's the last music I ever write, I can say that at least once we've done it right."
Listen to the album below:
Bright Black by LONDON PLANE
Bright Black is a hook-filled avant-rock crash course in world history as it unfolds in real time during the 21st century: London Plane blends snarling disco, cerebral lyrics, and the spastic energy of modern times in song. Mosey's lyrics are intentional, forceful, and direct, crafted as London Plane confronts "the ascension of villains and the fading of heroes." You want a soundtrack for 24-hour news cycle angst? London Plane has the goods.
Photo: Alice Teeple London Plane is a six-piece juggernaut, made up of David Mosey(guitar and vocals), Jessica Cole(vocals), Bryan Garbe (drums),Grant Parker (bass), Julian Tulip(synths) and Kristofer Widholm(guitar). Their roots trace back to 2014 backstage at a tribute show to the recently deceased Lou Reed, when Psychedelic Furs' Joe McGinty introduced David to Jessica, who were both performing.
The band's back story is straight out of a novel:
"If you die in New York City and no one remains to collect your things, the cleaners cart the contents of your apartment down to the street for the garbage collectors. There, the objects that made up your life are left to the whims of New York City dwellers before they are carted off to a dump somewhere on Staten Island. You know the scene when you see it: a chest of drawers ravished by curious passersby. File cabinets rifled through without the least shame. Who knows? There could be something in there. This time it was a suitcase that sang the siren's song...Inside, amongst books and broken records, David found the diary. Her name, inscribed on the front cover, was Francis, spelled the masculine way. Her first entry was dated June 12, 1975, and began, So I made it to New York. The entries continued daily, then monthly, then every year or two...Then, in 1982 after a flurry of successive entries, the words came to an abrupt end. Her last words: I hope he gets it."

It. What was it? Considering the era of paranoia in 1982 from a dreadful viral plague, her final words seem foreboding - and familiar. This, and Peter Murphy's heart attack at NYC's Le Poisson Rouge, would inform their searing single, Francesco.

Watch That Madman Go targets the grand tradition of political dictatorship. The track, heavy on the tribal drums and a smokin' bassline, is menacing and droll; vocalist Jessica Cole channels Siouxsie Sioux at her most sardonic.

Bright Black is available everywhere digitally, including Apple Music, Spotify, and Bandcamp.
Keep up with London Plane:
Apple Music

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24.06.2022 :: Twin New Wave Duo Nite Debut Video for "Falling Apart"
Twin New Wave Duo Nite Debut Video for Twin brothers Kyle and Myles Mendes comprise NITE, an electronic rock band from Dallas TX. Combining elements of 80's-90's new wave, post-punk, and dance music, their high energy, and infectious hooks come together in their latest track, "Falling Apart".
"Falling Apart is a lament, a desperate cry for help from self-doubt and depression - a shared trauma," they say. "The protagonist's world is crumbling as the distorted synths, angsty guitars, and driving beat impel his anxiety and rage to the very end."

The Mendes brothers wanted to encapsulate their love of comic books, goth rock, and electronic music in the video for the track, particularly The Batman Who Laughs.
"We took leather straps and drove spikes through them and wrapped them across our eyes," they reflect. "They symbolize how depression can blind you from being able to see anything good in yourself or in the world around you. Our hope is that this song will resonate with people and be a reminder that no one should be alone in a time of need...We're grateful to have captured a sense of our live performance with Phil Helms, our drummer."
Watch the video for "Falling Apart" below:

Sleepless dropped in 2020 (Cleopatra), followed by the album's remix in 2021. The band foreshadowed their return to their darker musical roots by releasing a dark wave cover of Alice in Chains' "Would?" in October of 2021, followed by their latest single "Good Boy" on March 18th, 2022.
NITE has toured and shared stages with the likes of Small Black, The New Division, A Flock of Seagulls, ACTORS, Clean Bandit, and Midge Ure. In July 2022 NITE are about to hit to the road with Vision Video for the East Coast portion of their U.S. tour. dates below:
NITE Tour dates:
7/4 Pittsburgh, PA - Spirit Lodge
7/5 Buffalo, NY - Mohawk Place
7/6 Boston, MA - The Middle East
7/7 New York, NY - Baby's All Right
7/8 Washington, DC - Comet Ping Pong
7/9 Baltimore, MD -Metro Baltimore
7/10 Philadelphia, PA - Milkboy

Follow Nite:

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24.06.2022 :: Indonesian Dark Disco Duo Camlann Debut Video for Anti-Imperialist Song "Batav...
Indonesian Dark Disco Duo Camlann Debut Video for Anti-Imperialist Song Indonesian duo Camlann initially made a name for themselves by creating trad-goth music in the vein of Xmal Deutschland, Clan of Xymox, and Siouxsie and the Banshees. However, after the departure of bassist Bayu Triyudanto, Ony Godfrey and Fauzan Pratama decided to reinvent the band's identity and reincarnate as harbingers of dark disco, weaving 70s disco, funk, and synthpop, whilst re-imagining these groove-laden sounds with modern darkwave elements. Drawing from an eclectic palette of influences, Camlann have cherry-picked elements from the disco sound of Bee Gees and Grace Jones, the funk essence of Prince, and the dark and oblique alternative electronic sound of Saâda Bonaire, Kraftwerk, and Depeche Mode.
Their latest video is for the track, "Batavia Paranoia", an examination of anti-imperialism and colonialism off their third album, Train to 86th Street.
On writing the song Ony Godfrey elaborates:
"The song tells you a story of a Dutch East Indies governor who used to live lavishly in Batavia, before the Japanese Empire invaded and took control of Batavia in 1942, forcing the Dutch to leave Indonesia after invading our motherland for more than three centuries," says Ony Godfrey. "When the Japanese Empire invaded our land, they treated the Dutch citizens with no mercy and sent them to a concentration camp. So to survive their brutality, most privileged Dutch East Indies citizens moved back to the Netherlands or fled to several other western countries. Since this album is set in NYC, we decided to make him move to New York City. There, He lived out of terror. Time passed by, and during the late 70s, the former Dutch East Indies governor decided to visit Jakarta, which was formerly known as Batavia. Everything has changed and somehow his visit caused him terrible paranoia. I think we deserved to make a mockery out of these western invaders who caused massive pain and trauma for three hundred years."
On the song's sound, Fauzan adds
"This song is definitely far away darker and gloomier than most of the songs in this album. While composing the song, I got inspired by The Velvet Underground and Nico's "All Tomorrow's Parties". The composition and the beat definitely has a haunting feel to it, so I think it would be a great idea to use this song as one of the main influences in "Batavia Paranoia". This song definitely has that retro post-punk sound to it too, where you can't hear them on the other songs from the album. Ony writes the lyrics and I compose the songs in this album, so I tried to make arrangement and composition mixed well with the lyrics."
The band created a powerful video for Batavia Paranoia, with stock footage of Indonesia, to illustrate their message.
Watch below:

Camlann released their first two albums under the German Darkwave label, Cold Transmission Music. Their debut album, The Forgotten Lost Fragments was released on July 20th, 2020. Less than a year after, their sophomore album Circa 1983 was released on May 21st, 2021. As a dark disco duo, they released a song titled Midnight Euphoria on January 14th, 2022, and another song titled Charming Deceiver on March 4th, 2022. Both songs are from their third album titled Train to 86th Street which was released on May 6th, 2022.
Ony and Fauzan plan to continue to write more historically-focused music with their subsequent releases.
Meanwhile, you can order their latest album Train to 86th Street in both digital and physical (CD) through Camlann's Bandcamp page.
Catch the Train to 86th Street here
Follow Camlann:

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24.06.2022 :: DÉCEMBRE NOIR :: Neue Single feat. Mick Moss von Antimatter
DÉCEMBRE NOIR :: Neue Single feat. Mick Moss von Antimatter"A Swan Lake Full of Tears" ist die erste Single aus der kommenden EP "Pale Serenades" der Erfurter Melancholic Death/Doom Metaller DÉCEMBRE NOIR. Die vier Songs von "Pale Serenades" stammen aus ganz unterschiedlichen Schaffensperioden der Band - zumindest die Originalversionen. [...] [AmbossMAG]

24.06.2022 :: IZZY VON SCARECROW: Unbarmherziger Industrial Metal mit Biss
IZZY VON SCARECROW: Unbarmherziger Industrial Metal mit BissMit wehender Trans-Flagge und Blut in den schwarzen Zähnen spuckt Izzy von Scarecrow mit "Reaper" die erste Single ... [Orkus]

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